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I'm so glad you found me! Tell me what you're looking for:

Or maybe some of my frequently asked questions and answers will help you decide if you're in the right place.



What do you offer?

Ideas, plans and designs to make your brand image and message stand out.

Where do you work?

I work remotely, based in Evans, Georgia.

Who do you work with?

I've assisted organizations in a wide range of industries with their marketing and branding, including:

Medical・Legal・Fine Art・Transportation・Accounting・Financial Planning・Mental Health・Ministry・Software・HR Consulting・Real Estate・Non-Profit・Retail・Construction・Waste Management・Interior Design・Local Government・Equine・Electrical Services・Restaurant

In addition to working on a regular basis with many of these clients, I also provide services on a project-by-project basis.

What do you charge?

I'm happy to put together a proposal, based on your needs. One of my most requested services is logo design, and I have very straightforward pricing for that, which you can review in my logo design portfolio

So you "do" social media?

Yes. When I first started freelancing, I noticed how many busy business owners needed someone to keep up with social media posting, thus Studio Social became my brand name. 

I love designing and posting content for social media accounts! I am consistent, reliable, responsive and professional. For me, social media is all about branding, sharing your message and engaging with current and potential customers.

However, if you are seeking growth (aka going viral, adding hundreds of followers each month, paid/promoted posts, etc.) I recommend seeking a professional or agency department that focuses solely on social media strategy. 

What about digital marketing?

I'm less about analytics, and more about design and ideas. I am happy to refer to you to other trusted professionals or agencies for digital marketing services (mobile marketing, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, etc.) 

Do you build websites?

I can design a website, yes! I am not a website developer, though.

For my website clients, I design sites on a very user-friendly platform that allows them to manage the site themselves, as much or as little as they would like, as well as view site analytics. I include appropriate SEO strategies when I initially create the site, and offer blog writing to keep content fresh and searchable. Most of the sites I have designed, I still maintain for clients. However, should a client decide to move that task in-house, they will not be stuck with navigating through confusing coding and frequent widget updates. 

Note: I am no longer maintaining sites that I did not design myself, and I am booked for website design in 2024.

Do you do event planning?

I love event planning... it is where I got my career start. I have worked alongside some of the best vendors in the area, and can help you nail down details, concepts, branding, promotional products, marketing collateral, day-of execution, etc. 

Ready to learn more or get started? Let's talk.

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